Psychic, Clarevoyant, Tarot, Witch, Spell, Medium
Psychic, Clarevoyant, Tarot, Witch, Spell, Medium
Psychic, Clarevoyant, Tarot, Witch, Spell, Medium
Psychic, Clarevoyant, Tarot, Witch, Spell, Medium
Psychic, Clarevoyant, Tarot, Witch, Spell, Medium
Psychic, Clarevoyant, Tarot, Witch, Spell, Medium

DavidS-2705 - 14 Jul 2019

I saw Steve earlier this year and he has given me a very detailed description of my future. I’m still waiting for them to happen but I’m very hopeful.
Steve has helped me with a tough time in my life and I would recommend him if you need some guidance in your life.

KateC-221 - 10 Jul 2019

I had a reading today by Steve and I was shocked at the things he picked up on. I was feeling low before seeing him but I left feeling so positive and looking forward to my future. I would recommend him highly. Thank you Steve

DavidW-1425 - 24 Jun 2019

I have had another reading by Steve and yet again I have been blown away by the fact he told me the same thing but with more clarity and more information. This time it was with his Egyptian cards. One thing he mentioned would happen within two weeks after he read and amazingly two weeks later, it happened! I am going through a very stressful time personally and to have Steve on my side, guiding and advising is priceless. A lovely man and a great friend already. A true gift from the gods.
Thank you again Steve. I will come down instead of calling for my next reading.


YashP-2 - 09 Jun 2019

Am amazing Tarot card Reader. I have seen Steve 2 times now. Both times he makes me feel so good. He has read for me and so far about 8 things have come true. Steve I will see you again And thank you so much for your magical spell, which has worked. I appreciate you. See you soon, L

KellyH-56 - 13 May 2019

Had my second telephone reading of Steve last week.such a lovely man.if I could drive I would of travelled down to see him for a face to face reading as he really is 1 of a kind I live in Newcastle but would still be prepared to travel this far to see him.he is a natural gifted man.and I will look forward to another reading off Steve as I wouldn't go to anyone else now thanks Steve big hug Kelly x


AmyB-363 - 07 May 2019

I saw Steve back in February. He is such an amazing man with a fantastic personality which draws you to him instantly. A few things he predicted have already happened and I can't wait to see what else is in store for me. I will definitely be going back.

YashP-2 - 14 Apr 2019

I have known Psychic witch Steve Murray. A very long time. The provides the optimim. better than any other Psychic in the whole Country and around the world. If you feel you have otherwise, have a conversation. Steve is a listener, kind caring and will always do the upmost to help you and others around.

ChristinaD-32 - 14 Apr 2019
I went to see steve in April 2019 for the most beautiful love spell. I met steve for the first time in October 2018 steve is the best, kindest, caring and friendly. Hand on heart i truly believe a 100 % that Steve’s spell will work, the card reading was so different. He told me that if your not a witch you cant read the cards and i my self now believe steve. I asked for a spell. All i can do is wait now i would like to thank steve for his kindness. Blessing.

KyraK - 06 Apr 2019

Best Tarot Reader, I am a business owner. Seen Steve many a time. He is the fantastic reader and healer. Steve gives only the best advice and suitable for what you want from your life. Helps all family and loved ones. I have only benefited from seeing him. A true spiritual Leader/Guru. Love and kind blessings to you always. Book Steve he will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Ria

JagS-39 - 02 Apr 2019

True predictions- Honest

Came well recommended by many friends.
Fantastic gifted spiritual psychic. Did not even know hes the newest Guru in India. Statue in gold at Golden temple. Wow. Hes so accurate in his predictions that all came true exactly as he had said. I'm so happy with his service. I would recommend Steve if you got any problems, however big or small. He will make it disappear and find a permanent solution. Best you and your loved ones, Book Steve. You will not regret it.

MartinH-550 - 17 Mar 2019

A Special person with a special gift that touches you with friendship & kindness

I visited Steve on Friday & without previously meeting or knowing me he Immediately told me that I had a spirit with me who he would tell me about. The spirit was of my late mother who passed away at the end of January & it was great to know that she is still with me. Maybe next time I will get to know more & if she has been reunited with my grandparents who I have many happy memories of from my youth.
The future reading was great & fills me with hope of a bright future & I have lots of questions about the decisions & the timings of them which will be to my best advantage.
It was a pleasure to meet Steve in his world in Southampton where he has a cristal bed for healing people with serious illnesses.
I always new there was more to life than the physical plain & got a small insight into a different world & I look forward to contacting & seeing Steve again hopefully not I the to distant future. Many thanks Martin

ClaireB-618 - 12 Mar 2019

I spoke with Steve only yesterday and already I wish I could speak to him again! He is an absolute pleasure to speak to. The calm, the happiness and the warmth I felt when speaking to him gives you an amazing feeling inside, complete peace in the mind. He is such an incredibly gifted and wonder man - he shows complete kindness and his ability to know the things he did about my past have left me so excited for his predictions on my future and has left me assured that the path I’m on is a good one! I cannot wait to speak again - I cannot recommend or thank Steve enough and I’m excited to speak again soon! Until then take care xx

MariaC-176 - 26 Feb 2019

My very good friend, Steve is amazing

YashB - 05 Feb 2019

Saw Steve today for a reading and the information given was so precise and accurate. STEVE has the world's 1st crystal healing bed, which increased my energy levels immediately. Very happy with reading and will be booking again very soon.

JanetJ-90 - 20 Jan 2019

I saw Steve in person about 12 months ago, some things he promised have already happened and some I'm still yet to see. I found Steve to be an intriguing reader as he very specific in his readings (names, places, images). In short I really enjoyed the reading and I'm excited about the future that he foretold.

HeeralP-2 - 14 Oct 2018

Steve is a kind and genuine person who is very accurate with his readings and also one of the most helpful people I know. I’ve have know only for a short period of time but it feels like we known each other years and he has made a very positive impact in my life.

DavidW-1425 - 09 Oct 2018

I have seen Steve twice now,once in Feb and last Sunday, 7th October. I drove from London to see him and feel honoured to have seen him face to face.He really is without fail the best at what he does I have ever seen. I have seen several psychic’s over the years but non compare to Steve’s accuracy to give out specific names, places, people and in such detail. I was blown away. As people have stated here before, he re confirmed what he told me back in Feb and then also added more information.I also had some Chukra re alignment and my aura balanced without even asking.Steve really cares and is incredibly calm, relaxing and re assuring. I’d like to say a massive thank you Steve for all you have done. I look on you as a friend and guardian now and am so lucky to have found you. Look forward to seeing you soon. David

SalomeJ-1 - 09 Oct 2018

Fantastic, truly amazing and very accurate

AlmaJ-2 - 26 Jun 2018

Amazing reading! Steve picked up everything what was going on around my life. Was very surprised. Yes this men is truly gifted witch and friend. Deffenetly will see him again.

KellyH-56 - 19 Jun 2018

I had a telephone reading with steve murray today and i have never had a reading like it.if there were more stars to give him i would.i wish that i had of knew about him a long time ago.he did not rush and had alot of time for me.he is such a lovely person and i wish i lived closer to see him for a face to face reading.i will definitely be ringing him again for another reading and to tell you the truth i will never get a reading off anyone else from now on apart from steve.he knew places that were close to me .and told me alot of personal things.he is a natural and a very gifted man.and i am still in shock by the things he told me.thank you steve big hugs kelly x

BlackShirt81-1 - 18 Apr 2018

The reading Steve gave was very different from the others I had. His confidence made me positive. I am not a person that has a blind trust in cards or fortune tellers even though I believe our path is predetermined. But before talking to Steve I was such in a dark place from 1 year now . But he has this way of making you very positive and told me my life would get better. Well the future no one knows but after his phone reading I was so positive like I have not been in 1year. He gave me a prospective for moment and made me feel better . That's a gift he has . Thank you Steve . I would like to book more readings with you and maybe one day have a personal face to face. Mersila

MaroonLaces92 - 22 Mar 2018

Went to see Steve for a reading ,he new names and places he would not know ,in London near ware i live ,all so a very good healer, helped with my foot,Steve i will see you again.

BlueScooter89 - 03 Mar 2018

I have been to see Steve 3 times since January every time he reiterates the same with extra info each time which is nice, there are things and places he wouldn't know, I hope all he has told me comes true, thank you Steve you are a lovely kind man and I enjoy coming to see you

MaroonBrush66-1 - 21 Feb 2018

i went to see steve at his house in southampton for a reading and a love spell,i met him,first thoughts of him ,kind and friendly,and knowledgeable,i have seen readers before ,and not been impressed ,but steve reads the cards different ,he told me that if you are not a witch you can not read the cards (,i now believe him,) all that he said would happen has happened ,i asked him for an impossible spell i.e to get my loved one back to me ,he lived 9,000 miles away and was with someone else, his spell has worked ,my love is now with me, steve thank you with all my heart ,a true friend for life,i have recommended steve to 5 friends and they all say good things about him,truely special person and reader. thank you

BlueCar82 - 21 Jan 2018

I had a reading with Steve back in October he was spot on with some of the things he told me . I am still waiting to see if his predictions for my future come true I have everything crossed that they do as it sounded too good to be true and I don't know if I'm lucky enough to have those things happen to me . Steve was really lovely and gave me good advice that I have followed . I really recommend him I needed some positive lifting as I had been through a very hard time , he definatly gave me that I wish I had wrote down what he told me as I think about my reading all the time . Thank you Steve I really hope it all comes true for me time will tell

OrangeChalk73 -13 Jan 2018

Steve was spot on a few things, lovely person to talk too.

RedBicycle40 - 05 Jan 2018

I went to see Steve in Dec, he is one of the loveliest people I met, I was very nervous and didn't know what to expect on arrival, I felt very at ease with Steve. As soon as I sat down he picked up on my medical condition straight away I was blown away? Still am....he also said i had a bad spirit attached to me since birth which he did cast a spell and I can honestly say everything is different with me and at home as I had a lot of bad luck. He gave me so much hope for the future to. Steve is truly amazing and gifted and I've never met anyone like him before. I will be going to see him again soon.

KuliK - 05 Jan 2018

I went to see Steve a few months ago since than Steve has become a friend. Steve has always been there to listen to my problems and has not only helped me to guide me through my bad times but has given me such positivity the way he has turned my life around. Things were really bad when i first approached him and one thing Steve always said to me is that i am here to help so you tell me what you want me to do... surprisingly what you ask for is what you get!!... He is Honestly such a kind and humble man and never gave me the impression that he was sick and tired of my problems he was always willing to turn things around. So.. Steve I want to say Thank you for all your support and kindness during my bad times you are now a friend for life!!!.. I would recommend Steve to anyone x

FuchsiaVacuum96 - 01 Jan 2018

I have had an outstanding reading with Steve. His validations were incredible. This gives me faith for the accuracy of his predictions.

FuchsiaTelephone78 - 30 Dec 2017

What an amazing reading..amazing and perfect spelling of names of places he would have never known of in his life...i wish i could have had a 1-2-1 reading as opposed to telephone reading...He revealed stuff I knew and more details which I wasn't aware of..thank you so much Steve..Will make a special trip to see you in the coming there appears to be more stuff to reveal...recommend him any day...a gentle soul and divine knowledge on legs.

OrangeCork34 - 17 Dec 2017

I went to see Steve after a random search on google, this was due an unusual occurrence on beautiful day in April. I don't believe in coincidence so i followed my intuition and rang for an appointment. I wasn't sure what to expect but i am glad i made the step. Left Steve's feeling amazing albeit some what confused but things started to fall into place soon after. I feel so calm now its amazing! Knowledge really is power. Recommend a reading to anyone it really will change your life. I know i am different now and i wouldn't want to go back to the old me. I AM READY FOR THE CHANGES, READY TO EMBRACE.

GrayRug5 - 16 Dec 2017

Steve is always there to help and has become a very good friend . He would do anything to help anyone. Thank you so much steve . For all your help you have given me your spells are totally amazing xx

MariaO-20 - 27 Nov 2017

What or how can I say it !!! This very calm and interesting person with such an unique background, came out with such powerful words that left me absolutely dumbfounded. I kept repeating "This is all like a fairy tale". After a period of difficult years it is hard to grasp all the AMAZING events ahead. The reading was so detailed with peoples names, street names, list of countries and city names and even restaurants.... which by the way, I did google and as wierd as it seems - these places do exist.
I left feeling extremely good and positive - so coming soon " WATCH THIS SPACE"
Thank you Steve I am sure we will meet again.

VikkiE-9 - 12 Nov 2017

I went to see Steve for a reading and some healing, this was a year ago and at the time nothing happened, but over the last few weeks it has all happened every thing he said, I am so glad i wrote a copy of what he said at the time, his friend in spirit gave me some lucky numbers and as predicted a win has come true, also this person is a very calm person, I will see him soon, thank you.

NicoleN-8 - 10 Oct 2017

Where do l begin, l don't even know what made me think of going to see Steve, but l did anyways. I met Steve, friendly and easy to talk to. I failed my driving too many times, l just thought maybe Steve could help as l knew l could drive, Steve helped me to pass my next driving test with his confidence spell. That's not just it, since l saw Steve l feel positive, people want to be my friends and open up like Steve said will happen. I was always depressed but Steve changed that, I'm happy. Thank you Steve.

Antonio - 29 Sep 2017

Had an appointment with Steve and boy was I shocked at what he knew and what he did for me. With his incredible powers he has restored my energy levels confidence levels and above all I feel so much better. This man is just mind blowing. Don't be scared at the thought of seeing a witch Its the most positive thing I have done in years and he is such a nice guy as well. If you need help with any problems he is your guy. He really comes up with the goods. Absolutely astonishing

JuliaA-17 - 20 Sep 2017

I went to see the psychic witch and he was so precise in the content of the reading , no one could guess what he told me,he told me about a health issue i have,its a rare condition ,no one could know ,and he gave me energy through his crystals and it has helped ,i traveled a long way to see him,"jo burg s africa "he was worth it and such a friendly person,"very magical two hours with him,i will see him again.thank you.

FionaH-88 - 13 Sep 2017

I went to see Steve a year ago and had a good reading and he gave me energy which really did work, but recently four of the things he said would happen, has happened, and these things that has happened are major things ,one being a accident ,I have avoided this because of the reading .Steve you have opened my eyes ,and I realize now life is pre-planned, also a big thank you to your friend and spirit Eric and thank him so much, thank you so much.

AnnaT-38 - 26 Aug 2017

What a difference you have made to my life ,and i am truly thankful, i asked you to help with with my love life ,which was complicated ,and i do not know how you did this but you have ,also you told me dates and places and all mean some thing to me ,you also gave me some numbers ,i will see you soon about this ,you really are special and so kind ,happy thoughts and the very best regards

LauraS-304 - 18 Aug 2017

I had a phone call with Steve about a month ago, during a time where I needed advice, help and some lifting. As soon as Steve and I spoke I felt as if I had known him for years. He was like a friend. He gave me a very depth reading and knew things about me that he would of known unless I told him or he had seen me face to face. He also said some things I didn't want to hear & I am waiting for them to pass still. However, he did cast a spell and I was quite anxious and nervous regarding this. But, within a space of twenty four hours the spell had worked and my life is on the up and even better than before. They say everything happens for a reason and everything is about timing and I can honestly say that, Steve coming into my life last month was a blessing and was meant to be. Thank you so much Steve! I am looking to potentially contact you again towards the end of the year.

Hazi-124 - 14 Aug 2017

Steve is the most gifted person I have come across so far, he's not just a psychic witch but much more than that. I wish I had met him sooner so my life wouldn't have been such a mess well, better late then never. . had a Phone reading done yesterday he was absolutely correct on events and gave me some names of places and people and about moving home but I was more amazed about how he knew what's wrong with my life and what's disturbing my marriage and he assured me it's all going to go away and life will only get better. He did some special magical spells for me and gave me some of his lucky numbers. He's such a caring and humble person who just wants to help people genuinely and not for money, first time I met someone who's like this in my life. All I can say is wow and wait for things to unfold but I would love to go and meet him in person, hopefully very soon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel i have known him all my life a friend, a guru and a guide for life.

DanaK-4- 09 Aug 2017

Steve is absolutely amazing! I had a phone reading last night and he was spot on with all the names and street names. He told me many things which no one would know. I really regret I didn't go to see him privately. But definately going to see him again very soon, to learn few things from him. I would highly recommend him to everyone. He has very nice calming voice and such a lovely person!

Char0805 - 31 Jul 2017

I had a reading with Steve back in May and again a few weeks ago with my partner. We were both amazed at how detailed and consistent he was. He told me things no one else would have known! My partner and I left Steve's house feeling positive and excited for our possible future. Although it is early days, we still remain optimistic and will definitely update my review as and when things start to happen. Thank you Steve, We will be back! x

LillyA-4 - 30 Jul 2017

I was recommended to see him for healing and a reading I have been suffering from depression for a long time and was unable to get out of this spiralling out of control situation ,when I saw him and sat down he touched my hands "FOR A SECOND OR TWO" and told me absolutely everything about my life, I put my hands on some of his crystals for about half an hour my hands and arms were tingling ,when I left him I did feel good ,three months later I still fill good and No bad thoughts of depression ,very nice person, He is gifted and lots of power ,I would recommend him, I would see him again.

JessicaK-31 - 23 Jul 2017

I found Steve on the internet and booked a reading with him, he opened the door to his house and instantly I felt at ease ,he read the tarot cards and stones and my palms ,I would say some of the things have come true ,but I did only see him two weeks ago ,I had for a long time suffered with a frozen shoulder and was painful ,he told me before I told him that I had this problem and put his hand on my shoulder for about ten minuets ,I felt lots of heat coming from his left hand .although it has not been long since I saw Steve my shoulder does feel a lot better ,he also made contact with my nana and that was amazing ,thank you Steve for a wonderful experience, I would recommend.

SandraC-119 - 21 Jul 2017

A friend recommended me to Steve and although i went for healing and to feel better,i got more than this ,Steve is a very clever person and i would say has amazing knowledge ,he told me things about my illness and my life and he did not need cards to do that ,He talked me though my life and problems while healing me and can i say what a kind person he is ,he even gave me crystals and things .This person is amazing and i think rare to find ,i would recommend him ,just talking to him is so good ,i felt good when i saw him and still feel good now ,i will see him again, worth the trip from london to see him in Southampton.

HeidiN-4 - 15 Jul 2017

I went to Steve just hoping for clarity and some direction. And was genuinely a bit of a mess and pretty lost. Steve works magic, not in the general sense, real magic. I came away feeling hopeful, even a bit excited about my possible future. But more then that, when I sat with him he gave me huge amounts of peace and centred me again. I feel like a completely different person. Very strong and much more confident. I can't even say how valuable it was to me coming away feeling how I did/do. He told me many detail about my possible future and past. I will let Steve know if they come true (too early yet). Frankly, I'm not sure it matters (although it will be amazing if they do) because the gift of strength he gave me was worth more to me on that day then anything else. A wonderful man. I have a crystal which I wear every day and every time I feel I'm not coping I hold it and I'm reminded of that calm, centred strength I felt with Steve. So Thank You so much. I feel rescued. I will be back!

KuliK - 11 Jul 2017

Steve has such a warm & welcoming personality!! Steve read through the cards and surprisingly he mentioned my past future and my current situation, he also made me aware that there was a lot of positivity coming ahead and I will gain strength out of this journey, only time will tell I guess but i feel that even though my cards were read today and who knows what will happen what shocked me was he mentioned my husbands name no one in a million years will guess this name as its very unusual so he blew me away! Steve also mentioned names and places that were close to me, .. bearing in mind I never gave him any information about me! As an overall experience I will definitely recommend Steve to anyone his kind nature listens to everyones problems so thanks Steve for listening to my problems today even though I was not there with you in person I felt a huge weight come off my shoulders when I got off the phone to you so once again thank you x

PaulaC-76 - 10 Jul 2017

A very good reading ,many things have come true ,i feel he has guided me through a rough patch in my life ,and now i can move on,a very friendly man which you can confide in ,I was very interested in what he said ,i asked him about candle making and things and he told me how to do this ,i also bought a lucky charm and some incense sticks and a big dream catcher ,thank you Steve for your advice and i will see you soon ,lots of love Paula

DianneK-1 - 08 Jul 2017

A friend put me on to Steve when i lived in Africa she had heard of a white witch doctor who had left and gone back to live in Britain,I had been very ill for a long time and he was a last chance ,so i traveled to see him to Southampton i booked him ,when i met him he was so nice, i sat down and he touched my hands for a second and to me about my life what was wrong with me and put my hands on some unusual crystals ,5 months later i am 90 % better ,so pleased ,i did ask him to do a spell for me and my estranged husband and we are back together, you are a friend for everif i can ever help you Steve just let me know ,a big thank you

ChristopheL-70 - 26 Jun 2017

I not one for giving reviews and things but i must say Steve has blown my mind away ,i went to see him with my wife ,within a few seconds he was telling us about our lives together and apart and that we had lost our child and more ,i was a big skeptic but not anymore .He is a good chap and good to talk to but there is something about him that you just want to open up to,very knowledgeable with people and i think you could rely on him,i was all over the place with problems but with his help i have my feet on the ground again,my wife and i are most grateful with the time he spent with us and contacting some past relatives ,also i lost my hand when i was serving in the B..A lots of pain, i told this to Steve and he put his hand on my arm i felt tremendous heat from his hand,now after two days from seeing him i have no pain,and the incense and rock crystals we bought are very good,thank you so much from the both of us.

JanP-32 - 25 Jun 2017

I asked for a love spell and a success spell nothing seemed to work for 6 months than my love life changed dramatically and i have now got my promotion .,.,pretty happy with life, i saw him again two weeks ago , and he was telling me what was going to be in my life , and in the cards it said my partner was cheating on me with my best friend ,i confronted him and although he was shocked that i knew, he confessed,i was devastated but as we were due to marry i called it off,thank goodness i found out, that was a bullet i missed,.,,Steve thank you for your help you are a good person i trust .

SallyA-57 - 25 Jun 2017

I went to him a year ago for chakra healing and reiki healing , i had a lot of health problems and had sort treatment else where lots of times but had no affect on me ,when i saw him he touched my hands for a second and told me of what had happened in my life ,he worked with his crystals,he put his hands above mine and there did seem to be smoke coming from his hands ,Steve is a really friendly person ,i think i would recommend him ,i am all better now and that is thanks to him,lovely person.

KarenG-118 - 22 Jun 2017

I was taken away by how accurate Steve was. Was very low before I spoke to Steve and he put things in to perspectives.Thank you

SueJ-83 - 19 Jun 2017

I was recommended by a friend to have a reading ,,i saw Steve he was very nice to me when i sat down he touched my hands ,at this point he started to tell me about my life ,my health problems and more thing is he had not looked at the cards ,a very unusual person with gifts ,I started a treated for my problems with his crystals and i am better now ,i felt tremendous heat coming from his hand ,A very kind person who you can confide in,i bought some incense sticks from him and some other interesting things ,i will go back to see him again ,the best money i have ever spent ,and to be fair seeing him is worth more than the small amount he charges ,i would tell people about him, a rare person, thank you so much.

LizB-97- 19 Jun 2017

I went to see him 9 months ago for a reading and a spell and some crystal healing i must say he was spot on with what he said,i was a bit dubious at the time but he was correct ,also the healing was very good for me,at the end Steve gave me some numbers All i can say is thank you ,the numbers was successful,and i will be seeing you again , lots of hugs and kisses

Salome - 24 May 2017

Steve is a very talented and extremely accurate and I would recommend a visit to see him as you will leave enlightened and oozing positivity .,Steve is an exceptionally gifted and talented individual who I would recommend to anyone seeking enlightenment and positivity in abundance .,

PaulK-228 - 24 May 2017

My friends and i saw Steve at Glastonbury last year and was blown away by his tarot readings with us,so good ,so correct ,and Steve was so good with us,and so helpful with his lessons on crystals ,can not wait to see you soon ,we hope you are well,Paul Lynn,Sam, Col, Sennis, and Karen

PermjitP-2 - 16 May 2017

Steve Thank you very much for your help and guidance you have helped me and my family.i am so grateful for time.pam

SuzanneW-45 - 09 May 2017

Steve, thank you for my reading ,you told me about my life ,the man i was going to meet,even the house number and and place i am living in now,How you do this "who knows "the hospital to me and my new husband that i could not have children,one of the reasons i came to see you was that one of my friends who you had helped with yours spells for children ,i thought you helped her, maybe you could help me,when i saw you i sat down and you touched my hand for a second and you told me everything ,you did a spell,and you picked up a cold crystal and smoke came from it,you told me i would have a baby girl in a year from now and i have,and Steve thanks for those numbers of yours i won,i will keep in contact with you for life , you are such a good person.

NiomiC - 02 May 2017

I went to see Steve last August i was very low and suicidal over the brake up of my marriage,Steve touched my hands for couple of seconds and told me everything about me and what i had gone through .He is a really nice person and i felt i had known him all my life ,he was very accurate and precise,he told me i was going to meet a new love and his name ,completely right on all counts i am so pleased i have seen him,i also asked him if he could talk to my mum who passed away 2 months ago ,he did and i was a bit astonished, but very happy speaking to her again .Steve at the end of my reading asked me if i would like some lucky numbers and he did,thank you ,you have done so much for me,and now i have love and money and a good life to lead and Steve you are right i am moving to Italy,i would recommend you %100

KateB-135 - 15 Apr 2017

I came to see you last July for a reading and healing ,yes your reading was very precise and detailed and thank you for that ,and speaking to my dad who past away 2 years ago was heart wrenching,but so pleased you did that ,thank you again for that , I was feeling so low when i came to see you and then you raised my energy levels,and know i feel so good ,i will be coming to see you again,and you are so calming ,You gave me some lucky numbers and i have won.,.,.,.,,you have changed my life ,my new life is down to you,you are truly gifted see you soon

CaH-5 - 27 Mar 2017

Had a very interesting reading with Steve by phone. Lovely man, very patient and very very detailed. Road names, Restaurants, Countires, Names.... In addition, Steve very kindly cast a spell for me which I am praying will come to pass. I too was warned not to drive on a certain date, which I will certainly make sure I don'tl! Looking forward to a lovely life ahead, he told me I would have to pinch myself as I wouldn't believe all the good things he told me about will happen to me. Thank you Steve for your precious time, your kindness, your energy, the spell you did for me and for your wish for happiness for me.

SimonP-160 - 26 Mar 2017

I am leaving a review because Steve, i am so surprised on how good Steve is ,I went to see him 14 months ago ,yes his predictions was spot on ,and his love spell really did work ,of which i am truly thankful for ,Steve is so nice and open,i asked him that as a member of a film crew i could film a ritual that he does with his coven,and did this last week,after giving me permission ,we are all amazed of what we saw on the film all very peaceful and stunning music and colors,there must of been thousands there and lots of army soldiers there who was in his coven,all of my team enjoyed the evening and was treated so well by all,once again thank you for the reading and also my lucky numbers which has as you said would come up,and they have,i and my friends will keep in contact with you for life,the best thing i ever did was seeing you

JocylnA - 19 Mar 2017

He read the tarot cards for me,so very accurate with what he said,I also asked him about my late mother and he was talking to her straight away,i said i wish i could see her one more time and he looked at me and smiled ,he made a spell and ,i still do not believe my eyes know because i have herd of materialization but Steve did it with my mother ,i do remember a sweet sickly smell i the air ,And proof of the afterlife my mother lost a very expensive ring before she past over we had all thought it had been lost or stolen but i asked her a question and she told me where it was,I went back to the old house after seeing Steve to check and the ring was hidden and i have it know ,i was so impressed with Steve i recommended him to some friends and they where equally impressed ,Steve i do not know what to say but thank you are such a good person,and very calming ,and thank you for Jill my friend ,you have change health from bad to good,thanks

LucyJ-70 - 09 Mar 2017

I had an amazing reading with Steve today I am so grateful for him detaching a bad spirit from me his accuracy with his reading his spells and his detail Steve has such good intentions for his clients I am so grateful for the peace he has given me. I wouldn't go to see anyone else truly amazing thankyou Steve for your kindness and help

LizH-64 - 03 Mar 2017

I do not write reviews normally ,but I Thought I would on this occasion ,I am a tarot reader, and has been for ten years, one of my clients went to see Steve three weeks ago, and was ranting and raving about him, So I went to see him today ,we sat down and he touched my hand for a second, and then started to tell me about my life, and was extremely accurate, The thing is at this point he hadn't looked at the cards, when he done the reading, and I must say I haven't seen his tarot cards before ,the reading was amazing ,and my palms and stones and a spell and gave me energy from his crystals and himself, he also talked to my mother who had passed away 3 years ago ,I thought I new about reading the cards but I am embarrassed to say I probably do not, and I have asked him to teach me, please Steve, he also did my past regression, and that was amazing ,I will see him soon, and I would recommend him 100%.

BethT-16 - 06 Feb 2017

I went to see Steve regarding a brake up between my husband ,and his family,and my own family, my life was a mess,and so was i,I even contemplated suicide ,this was a low time in my life ,when i met Steve i felt relaxed at once,and i sat down,and he touched my hand for a second,and he new everything that had been going on in my life,he read the cards ,and stones ,and my palms ,and he was very accurate and helpful,at the end of the reading he asked my if i would like one of his lucky spells to change my life and i said could he change things between my relationship with my husband ,he said yes,i saw Steve at Christmas,and now,my husband and i are happy together, and expecting our first baby,and both family's are talking,i do not know what he done or how he did it but his spells do work, and i feel so good,and that is all down to you Steve,i would recommend him 100% thank you,thank you,thank you.

AlisonP-62 - 05 Feb 2017

I was recommended by a friend,who had seen steve previously, for health issues , and has cured her,and as ,i have the same thing i thought i would give it ago ,because i thought i had nothing to loose,when i met him,he was kind and a very friendly ,i sat at his table,and he touched my hands for 2 seconds ,and then told me everything about my life ,my illness,and my marriage brake up,and i did not tell him a thing,he did do a reading for me and was spot on,he put my hands in crystals and put his hands about two inches away from my hands,i felt tremendous heat coming from his hands,and my whole body felt different ,strangely i saw some bright lights around his head,after 4 months i am better,i have seen psychics before,but not like steve ,he really has power, thank you.

SophieN-11 - 05 Jan 2017

I only saw Steve less than 2 weeks ago but I feel compelled to write a review already. When I met Steve at his door I already felt a sense of calm. As soon as I walked in he advised me I had a bad spirit attached to me and he would have to remove him. Steve advised the spirit is the reason I have been feeling so down for a long time and the reason I have struggled in my relationships. As soon as I left the reading I felt different, as if a weight had been lifted off me. Ever since, I have kept that feeling with me, I don't feel a massive weight dragging me down anymore. Having gone through a recent breakup, this is exactly what I needed to help ease my pain. I couldn't have seen Steve at a better time. I am forever grateful of his kind nature. Talking to Steve has helped wonders, I feel like I was meant to see him. Steve read my future through Tarot cards and has guided me with some great advice. I cannot thank Steve enough, what a wonderful man. I cannot wait to see him again.

MileyC-2 - 10 Dec 2016

A friend advised me to see Steve,my husband and i bought a old house in Hampshire ,we have three children ,and all of us was excited to be moving in,first day was o.k. but the following night all the children awoke screaming ,and would only sleep in our bed,the next four nights was also very bad,loud banging,horrible smells,and furniture moving,after two weeks of no sleep,i asked the local vicar to bless the house,and he did come ten mins ,then left quick and said he did not do this sort of work,then we asked someone else from another church,and although they were very nice,they again said the whole house was possessed ,and told us to leave the house,which we could not do because all our money was it,so i arranged for a reading with Steve,as soon as he opened the door to greet me,he told me all about my house,and all the problems we had been having ,i asked him ,if he would come and help,he did and was only in the house for ten mins ,that was six months ago,all is peaceful Thanks

AlisonG-52 - 14 Nov 2016

I have been having relationship problems,and split with my partner over a another woman,i thought it was over ,but i still love him,Steve was recommended to my by my best friend,who Steve had helped with health problems,which was a success ,so i thought i would ask him to help me,He done a spell for me,and said some words,i did notice some white lights above his head,which was a bit weird ,but he did a love and relationship spell,3 weeks later my partner is well and truly back with me,i do not believe in this sort of thing usually,but i have changed my mind,or can i say Steve has changed my mind ,he is a very good and understanding person,and and i don"t know how you measure a witch ,but i would think he must be at the top of the tree,many thanks Steve ,if you have a problem and you cannot solve it yourself ,i bet he can .

JaneT-46 - 22 Oct 2016

I went to see Steve with a friend for a reading,i had just lost my husband ,and i was feeling so bad i was thinking of taking my own life,He gave me a reading ,and also my palms and the stones,he told me things about my life that no one had knowledge of,he gave me hope ,and gave me a calming affect ,for this i am thankful for ,at the end of the reading he asked my if i would like some of his lucky numbers ,Steve you said you could change my life and you have,although now i do not need to worry about money,i would give it all back for my late husband to be back with me,thank you,i would recommend him 100 %

HollyB-25 -03 Oct 2016

Steve saw me about 12 months ago,he was recommended to me by a family friend, who was a clergyman ,my whole life has been problems,family ,relationships,i have been let down so many times,i attempted suicide twice,when he greeted me at his door,i just felt he was special,he read the tarot cards and the stones and my palms,and made a magical spell for me, i asked that the spell be for love ,and children,he said i would have twin boys,soon after seeing Steve,i met and fell in love with a fantastic man,and i have just had a scan ,and carrying twin boys,i have seen psychics before ,and they have been awful,Steve is very different,even when he reads the cards ,he also gave me some of his energy,to stop me feeling down all the time ,and this has helped,and i really do not feel suicidal anymore,Steve is kind and a really good person,but there is more to him,he is special,he also gave me some of his lucky numbers,and the numbers have changed my life,thank you Steve,see you soon

AdeleB-15 - 21 Sep 2016

I went to see Steve, two years ago for a reading ,he was spot on ,with what he said,he told me my aura was a not right,i did not tell him i had stage 3 cancer ,and he put his hands two inches away from my hand ,i did feel heat and tingeing in my body,and there were small white lights appearing around him, I do not no really what to say but my cancer has all but gone,may be its just a coincidence,the hospital do not know whats happened, i believe he done something to help me,and for that i am grateful ,i witnessed things that day, that was truly magical,a very kind man,caring and very powerful person,he really is a psychic witch , thank you Steve,. I would recommend him especially if you are ill.

IsabellaA-3 - 10 Sep 2016

I saw Steve a year ago,i had just been divorce,my x had left me with a big debt,and i had contemplated suicide,Steve was recommended to me ,by my best friend ,when i saw him i was very nerves,but when i met him i felt very calm,in my reading he told me i was going to meet a new man ,he told me his name,and ware we would meet,and this has happened ,and i am getting married ,he also said i would get promotion at work ,and that has happened ,he asked me ,what spell i would like,and i said wealth,i also asked him for some of his lucky numbers ,and he gave me some,the amazing thing is i won a lot of money, and i am now going back to live in Spain, i will keep in contact with him,he is so friendly,and a very powerful witch,Thank you.

JaneA-39 - 27 Aug 2016
A friend recommended Steve to me, i have been to psychics before,and they have been rubbish, but i have to say Steve you are very good,you told me things that i did not believe,and they have all come true,you told me i would remarry and the day and date,you told me i would a little girl,and that i would come into money,this has all came true,i recommended you to friends and family and they have all told me that you have done amazing things for them,if you are lucky enough to see him,ask him for some of his lucky numbers ,they really are lucky numbers,thank you for changing my life ,he is a very kind ,and a very powerful witch,thank you Steve.


AliceF-10 - 14 Aug 2016

I had a reading from steve ,about 9 months ago,he told me about my life and my path,he told me my husband was cheating on me,and since ,my husband has confessed to this,steve told me so many things ,which has all come true,he asked me ,would i like one of his spells,i said for health,i did not tell him i had a tumor in my brain,when we said goodbye at his door,he said to me the spell will help your cancer,and touched me on the head,now the tumer has shrunk on its own,and i do not need surgery, how did he know i was ill,how did he know about anything,i told him nothing,i am thankful i saw him,and would recommend him %100 per cent ,"he has power,"

LynnC-16 - 09 Jul 2016

Surprised!!! I had a one to one reading with steve,about four weeks ago,after checking a few things with relatives,i was surprised to find out that he was correct on everything he said,he also told me i was coming into some money,and asked me if i would like some lucky numbers,for some fun i said yes,and told me to do the euro ,last week i won something ,thank you steve,you have changed my life,i never give reviews and things but was compelled to do so,i will see him again.

AmandaS-55 - 29 Jun 2016

I had a one to one reading with steve and to be honest I was a bit shocked on how accurate he was, he told me about my past, present and future, and I also asked him to try and make contact with my parents who have past away, he was talking to them straight away, and told me personal things only my mum and dad would know.

AnnaB-31 - 19 Jun 2016

thank you steve, I had a reading from steve a few weeks ago ,and he has been right on everything he has said, I also own a very old house and living in it was upsetting, our children and us. We asked him to come and remove any unwanted spirits which we knew were there and he came and within a short time there was peace and harmony in the house and it is a pleasure to live there now. Once again, a big thank you from my family.

HelenP-43 - 10 Jun 2016

Thank you Steve - Remarkable reading

Had a one-one reading, I have been to many Tarot readers but this one was very different, he was very accurate with my reading, he also told me about my aura and my past life and told me personal things that no one could have known. I will book again, thank you Steve.

SueM-50 - 17 May 2016

Amazing reading,kind,helpful person.I had a phone reading,i wasn't expecting much ,but steve is very gifted and told me the truth about things he really wouldn't know,i will ring again or try and book a one to one,steve thank you.

JackK-10 -02 May 2016

Spot on service. Had a reading and this guy so accurate on things he could never have known about me and told me things about the future that came true.Highly recommend if you want future insight.

StevenM-47 - 02 May 2016
This person had been troubled for some time ,regarding the passing of a relative, there was an active spirit present ,I was able to make contact,and bring piece to spirit and to this man,thank you for calling steve ,the psychic witch.



Psychic, Clarevoyant, Tarot, Witch, Spell, Medium
Psychic, Clarevoyant, Tarot, Witch, Spell, Medium
Psychic, Clarevoyant, Tarot, Witch, Spell, Medium
Psychic, Clarevoyant, Tarot, Witch, Spell, Medium
Psychic, Clarevoyant, Tarot, Witch, Spell, Medium
Psychic, Clarevoyant, Tarot, Witch, Spell, Medium