If you have come from yellow pages and internet search, please be aware: 

. 90% of reviews on yellow pages are faked and were created by Steve

. Provides identical generic readings

. Manipulates individuals into returning

. Lies to customers about status, who he is and everything he says

. This man is not a Psychic and should be avoided 

. Bad reviews have been removed from the Yell Page by Steve, this is because Steve doesn't want you to know the truth.

. There is no coven, no 2.4 million members

*Be careful what you read online as this person will use you like so many others.

*Please be aware that this 'psychic' is not who he says he is, there is no power, no gift, only his lies and deceit of people in vulnerable, desperate situations and this needs to STOP now.

     Thank your for reading and for your own safety, AVOID this scammer.